Urfrider Corki is live

Apologies for the content gap, guys. Between my own ISP issues and a problem with our hosting provider it’s been a strange couple days. Enough of that, though. On to the news!

Like Lee Sin, the Urfrider Corki skin is indeed real. It’s also now available for purchase in the store for 975 RP. I am glad to see that Corki wasn’t getting another legendary skin. Of course, almost every Corki skin feels legendary because almost every one is a remodel. Nature of the champ, I guess.

I still love my Red Baron Corki, even if it is a bit simple. If I can catch a sale on this any time soon, you can bet I’ll be buying it.


Urfrider Corki is on the way

Buried among the April 1st madness, Riot hid Urfrider Corki, the latest skin in the League. I won’t lie, I’ll be a little sad if this is Corki’s second legendary skin. As an owner of Red Baron Corki, I would hate to see Urfrider usurp one of the original legendary skins.

Still, I have loved Corki since I first played him, and the chance to play him riding a manatee is awfully tempting.


Patch Day 9/8 – Welcome to Rootstown

Waterloo Miss Fortune.

While we’re all patiently waiting for the servers to go live, I figure it’s time to cover the patch notes for today’s update. There are only a few serious character updates, and even those go out to mostly underplayed champions. The biggest change is the root mechanic update, which is why this post has the title it does (Rootstown is also a place near my hometown, so I chose it over Rootsville).

So let’s talk roots. Ever landed a Dark Binding on an Ezreal only to watch him Arcane Shift away the second it hits? Sure, he’s stuck for the duration, but he’s stuck off your Tormented Soil and closer to safety. It was a frustrating mechanic, but it can’t happen anymore. Every character with some sort of dash or self-hook (Bandage Toss, for instance) has been updated so that the skills cannot be cast when rooted. It’s not a huge nerf for those characters, but it is a fairly high-grade buff for characters like Morgana and, in particular, Amumu. He’s already at the top of most ban lists, due to his severe magic resist debuff and the strength of his ultimate in a team setting. That ult just got a little stronger, and when used in conjunction with an AOE like Tibbers or Kennen’s ult, or Miss Fortune’s wave of pain, you’re really going to feel that root buff.

This patch also added suppression, so you won’t be able to avoid the full brunt of Malzahar, Warwick, or Urgot when they ult you. Suppression prevents the target from casting or using Summoner Spells, which means your only recourse is a Quicksilver Sash or Black Shield/Banshee’s Veil. It’s a big buff for those toons, but could become a pain in the ass for everyone else. Is it fun to have your ult cleansed? No. But it’s equally unfun to feel like a character like Malzahar gets to one-shot a player of your team whenever his ult is up. I’ll wait to pass too much judgement on this, but for now I don’t like it.

Like I said above, there aren’t many champion changes, despite those for some of the underplayed characters. My guess is that Riot wants to see how the root change affects the game before messing with too many champions.

Corki caught a buff across the board. His attack range was increased 10 percent, his attack speed per level gains got a nice buff and the Missile Barrage reload time is down to 10 seconds from 14. It might not sound like much, but I’ve always maintained that Corki is strong (and super fun to play), so this should make him an excellent pick.

Dr. Mundo got some longevity buffs that could help him scale a bit better. His cleaver now costs more to cast but he heals half the cost when it lands. It’s basically pushing people away from free brush checker and forcing them to use it a little more wisely. Burning Agony costs slightly less to maintain and Masochism now costs more HP at low ranks and less at higher ranks. Sadism also got changed to return 40/55/70 percent health instead of a flat 50 percent at all levels. Again, nice late game buff.

The big news, though, is Ezreal. He received damage nerfs to nearly all of his skills and his base damage. It looks a little something like this:
-Base damage reduced to 45 from 47.6
-Damage per level reduced to 2.6 from 3
-Attack Speed per level reduced to 2.8 from 3.22
-Mystic Shot damage reduced to 35/55/75/95/115 from 40/65/90/115/140

Hopefully it brings him more in line with other carries, though the fact that he can still deal scaling damage to you while exhausted and has excellent escapability makes him very strong. Manamune will also be a great damage source for the emo cartographer.

Malzahar got buffed – Another range buff on his ult, up to 750. Null Zone is more mana efficient at lower ranks, Call of the Void got a slight CD buff and his Voidlings now attack his most recent Malefic Visions target. With all of these buffs, along with the suppression buff, Malzahar is going to be one annoying bastard on the field. I really think the ult buff is way out of hand if he gets suppression. He should at least be put at marginal risk when he casts it if it completely disables his target (I know, it does disable him too).

The rest of the changes are small, so I’ll leave you to read those for yourself. The one thing you may have noticed is that Garen isn’t on that list. I was expecting some significant changes for him, but all we got was a little reduction on the passive component of Courage. So he now gets slightly less amor and magic resistance from killing creeps but it still blocks big damage when activated, and his hybrid of magic and physical damage when wearing Sunfire Cape is still too high for me to feel comfortable with him as an opponent. You may have heard Phreak say in the Miss Fortune spotlight that Garen should never be focused. It’s true, but he doesn’t have any trouble rushing your carries/casters, and a Decisive Strike -> Judgement -> Ignite -> Demacian Justice is typically way more than a squishy toon can handle. Hopefully the next page will have a little more in store for Garen. Same for Kog’Maw – he remains unchanged and could use a slight nerf to either the damage from Bio-Arcane Barrage or the attack speed buff from Caustic Spittle.

That does it for the patch. I’ve written a short post covering the new item, Manamune, and I’ll be posting my Miss Fortune impressions as soon as I have a chance to play her.


LoL: Riot teases Gentleman Cho’Gath, announces another legendary Corki skin

Red Baron Corki.The Riot announcement forums have been a flurry of activity this weekend, though not for the things you might expect. Personally, I’ve been waiting on the Twisted Treeline matchmaking release every week since it debuted on the Test Realm. Instead, there was news of a cafĂ© disturbance.

The perpetrator appears to be Gentleman Cho’Gath, a long rumored/desired skin for your favorite alien champ. The post included a crude sketch of Cho in a top hat and tuxedo with a monocle and a cane. Personally, I love the skin idea, though I wouldn’t be surprised to see it release with a fairly hefty price tag.

Speaking of hefty price tags (nice segue, no?), Riot also announced another legendary skin: Red Baron Corki. Why Corki needs two legendary skins is completely beyond me, but maybe he’s just easy to remodel. The skin drops our fearless pilot into a red biplane. It actually looks really damn cool, and one of the screenshots even featured Gentleman Cho, albeit in badly photoshopped form.

I’m assuming we’ll see Corki in the Shen patch, but it’ll probably be some time before we get the Gentleman. Now I just need to try and win a couple tourneys for the Riot points to buy that overpriced Corki skin.


League of Legends wins dual IGN awards

Corki UFO Skin.I wrote about League of Legends a couple weeks ago as my must-try game of 2009. The game is starting to pick up some critical acclaim along with shameless endorsements from a large number of players. Riot announced on its official forums today that the game won the IGN Reader’s Choice Multiplayer Game as well as Strategy Game of the Year.

If you’ve been spending much time on the forums you know that Riot was offering up a free skin if it won two of the three awards the game was up for. Well, it won all three, meaning any player who had created an account prior to today will get a free Corki unlock along with the UFO skin.

Few things make me want to play a game more than an active/supportive community to developer relationship. From what I’ve seen so far, LoL has one of the best, and its little perks like this that make me think, ‘Should I try Heroes of Newerth?…Nah.’


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