Patch Day 9/8 – Manamune

manamune-tooltipToday’s patch brought another new item to the table in the form of Manamune, an Archangel’s staff for physical damage dealers. You can see the stats in the screenshot here (I think this is the same version that went live) and as far as champions are concerned, I’d bet a lot of people are going to love this thing. I played against a Janna today, for instance, who got both this and Archangel’s. She lost, but it was still interesting, and she hit pretty hard.

I think we’ll see just about every Ezreal player get this, and likely a lot of Kog’Maws as well. It could be good for just about any hybrid damage dealer, but I think most of the carries will avoid it. it doesn’t suit the high damage/high attack speed build that most carries favor. The one exception might be someone like Corki, but even with him, the benefits of casting diminish quickly as his auto attacks become stronger.


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