Super Teemo is on duty, on the way

I was cruising some of the red posts on the forums today and noticed a post about a new Irelia skin. I haven’t been looking for mid-cycle skins for a while now, in large part because they stopped being mid-cycle. While I was poking around for the Irelia skin, I figured I might as well have a look at what else was in the mix.

And then I found this. Yes, it’s another Teemo skin. It’s not just any skin, though, it’s…it’s…it’s SUPER TEEMO!

I can’t lie, I’m pretty excited for this skin. Can’t help but wonder if Riot will do something special to announce its release. I’d really like to see more skins in this style – something silly and fun that has nothing to do with warfare. We got another Caitlyn skin this week that’s just another chick with a big gun and an undersized bra. Caitlyn is sort of an exception – it’s tough to come up with really creative stuff for her paradigm – but there are so many options for fun champion skins. The day I see Xin Zhao wielding anything but a spear is the day I buy a Xin Zhao skin to replace Commando.


Blood Moon Akali and Shen now live

If you played Shen or Akali this past week, you probably noticed some incredible skins in the skin selection screen for each champion. Both Shen and Akali got Blood Moon skins, which are now available from the store.

That Shen skin is definitely one of the best skins I’ve seen in this game, to the point that I hope Riot can find a way to balance him so that I see him in the game more often. I don’t really think he’s OP, but he does seem to get banned an awful lot and I can’t stand his global ult.

I like the Akali skin, though I wish she was actually wearing the mask. I’ve actually been playing Akali quite a bit, to the point that I might have snagged that skin at full price with a full mask cover.


Nidalee’s finally black

Pharaoh Nidalee.

It was hard to tell from the Pharaoh Nidalee splash screen, but it looks like Nidalee is finally going to embrace her ethnic roots and stop bleaching her skin. Bet you weren’t expecting this kind of post for a skin announcement.

Seriously, though, for as much time as people playing LoL spend bitching about engorged female attributes, the community completely ignores the fact that every human character is white. We can’t really count Ryze because he’s blue (even his human skin looks white in game). Finally, the jungle huntress is going to be black in game if you’re willing to spend ~$8 on the skin (I’m a sucker for Nidalee skins).

Riot also released Sailor Gangplank at long last, which means Deathkni…er…Dreadknight, yeah that’s it, Dreadknight Garen is on hold for the time being. Maybe they’re giving him back his left hand.


Riot releases 520RP skin images

Blast Zone Heimerdinger.

The batch of “community response skins” is up now on the official forums, posted as new skins often are before a patch. Still no post in the Server Status forums so it’s unclear when we’ll see these new skins, but I’d say later this week is a pretty safe estimate.

The only skin I’m really excited about here is the Heimerdinger. That thing is cool, and easily better than Alien Invader. But those other skins? Blitzcrank with a shirt? Even French Maid Nidalee is just another recolor. This is exactly why that post the other day bothered me. It was a bunch of crowing about all the good they’re about to do the community by releasing 520RP skins that suffer the same problems as all the skins before them.

I love skins, I really do. I just think they’re overpriced for what they actually provide. It also seems prudent to remind everyone that got a skin in this batch already has one.


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