Super Teemo is on duty, on the way

I was cruising some of the red posts on the forums today and noticed a post about a new Irelia skin. I haven’t been looking for mid-cycle skins for a while now, in large part because they stopped being mid-cycle. While I was poking around for the Irelia skin, I figured I might as well have a look at what else was in the mix.

And then I found this. Yes, it’s another Teemo skin. It’s not just any skin, though, it’s…it’s…it’s SUPER TEEMO!

I can’t lie, I’m pretty excited for this skin. Can’t help but wonder if Riot will do something special to announce its release. I’d really like to see more skins in this style – something silly and fun that has nothing to do with warfare. We got another Caitlyn skin this week that’s just another chick with a big gun and an undersized bra. Caitlyn is sort of an exception – it’s tough to come up with really creative stuff for her paradigm – but there are so many options for fun champion skins. The day I see Xin Zhao wielding anything but a spear is the day I buy a Xin Zhao skin to replace Commando.


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