“The Metaflower Super Mega Yacht” NFT sells for $650,000

The Metaflower Super Mega Yacht NFT

NFT mania continues as prices keep breaking records. Along with NFTs for digital art and collectibles, we’re seeing an explosion of NFT sales relating to games and virtual worlds. Virtual land, buildings and other property in the metaverse are selling for astronomical prices.

One of the latest is the NFT for The Metaflower Super Mega Yacht which is available in the popular virtual world of The Sandbox. The NFT sold for $650,000 which naturally generated some criticism.

We’ll see if the criticism is justified. The popularity of the metaverse and virtual worlds is exploding, and many collectors are trying to get in on the ground floor by scooping up land and other property. We’ll see if they’re being smart, or if they’ll be hurting once the bubble bursts.


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