Get 3 C&C games for free

C&C original logo.You might be excited about the upcoming release of the last in the Command & Conquer series, C&C: Tiberian Twilight, but things are about to get a whole lot better. As a promotion for the release, EA is offering up the original three Command & Conquer titles for free.

The free titles include Command & Conquer, Command & Conquer: Tiberiun Sun with the Firestorm xpac, and Red Alert. Did I mention they’re free? You’re just a download away from reliving your nostalgic RTS past. It’ll give you a chance to get caught up on that storyline (these games have a storyline, right?) before the final chapter releases on March 16th.

According to EA, C&C 4 will be the “epic conclusion to the Tiberium saga.”

Source: EA


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