PS3 firmware 3.10 may be borking Blu-ray drives

Burned up PS3.There’s an ever-growing thread on the the Playstation forums that suggests a recent firmware update may be killing the system’s Blu-ray drive. Several forum users have noticed a reproducible bug in which the system freezes at the end of Modern Warfare 2 matches once the update has been applied. The problem then carries over into other games, which has led some users to believe it’s a problem with the drive.

It could be. But this could also be one of those situations where someone comes up with a potential solution or reason for a problem and everyone else jumps on board just to have an answer. It seems strange that a firmware update in conjunction with MW2 would actually ruin a Blu-ray drive. Of course there is the chance, however remote, that all these people having old enough systems that the drives are failing from old age.

Source: Playstation Forums


Firmware 3.15 will make PSP Minis playable on PS3

PSP Minis on a PSPgo.There’s another firmware update coming to the PS3, build 3.15, that will allow the system to finally play those PSP Minis. Yes, at long last you can make just one purchase of those overpriced little one-hitters and play them on your console.

It looks like the update works with titles you’ve already purchased as well. Just head to your download list and you can pick up the game on your console. The update also makes it a little easier to transfer data from one PS3 to another, a nice little bonus for those of you who picked up the PS3 Slim. The new data transfer is a simple LAN connection that dumps everything over to your new rig.

For full details on the patch, hit up the Playstation Blog.


PS3 to get Facebook update in 3.10 “soon”

Facebook for PS3.The Playstation 3 blog has officially announced Facebook integration with the firmware 3.10 update. By downloading the update you’ll be able to link your PSN account to your Facebook account, including updates for Trophy and Playstation Store activity. The update also gives developers the ability to include Facebook updates for certain achievements made in-game.

There’s no date associated with the announcement other than “soon,” which is funny considering the Xbox Live update adding Facebook integration comes out, oh, tomorrow. The rest of the update is just a bunch of UI tweaks, mostly to undo some of the fugly color changes that came with 3.00. There’s also a nice photo update that allows you to see more photos. Easier media browsing is pretty much always a good thing.

Almost forgot, the live feed updates for in-game accomplishments can be patched in for already released games.


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