Harrowing skins now available for a limited time

I was really excited when I realized the Harrowing was coming back around. Last year’s Harrowing skins remain some of my favorite skins in the game. Zombie Ryze is one of the main reasons I enjoy playing Ryze. Lollipoppy is my favorite skin in-game to date, bar none. When I heard there was a Frankenstein Annie costume, I couldn’t wait to see the rest of the skins.

Riot put together a cute little video to show off the new attire. I’m definitely going to pick up Frankentibbers Annie, but the rest don’t really do it for me. I kinda like the Blitzcrank skin, but I already own Boom Boom Blitzcrank and Rusty Blitzcrank. The Nidalee skin looks too much like Sorceress Lux and the Nocturne skin looks an awful lot like his Frozen Terror skin.

Will you be buying into the Harrowing this year?


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