Hextech Singed, Annie in Wonderland released today

Hextech Singed.

Singed players, rejoice! Your long wait for a great skin is finally over. Today, Riot released Hextech Singed, a steampunk version of your favorite mad chemist that looks like something straight out of the movie ‘9’ (as does the Hextech Galio). It’s an incredibly kick-ass skin.

Today we also get access to the legendary Annie in Wonderland skin. Once you see Tibbers in a bunny suit, replete with a cummerbund, I’m sure you’ll fall in love. That thing is just hilarious.

This new batch of skins also included Tundra Hunter Warwick. Let me just warn you, the loading screen is much cooler than the skin in game. In game he looks like a Warwick paint job, but damn if that loading screen isn’t cool.

The Warwick skin is 520 RP while the Singed and Annie skins are 975 and 1820 RP respectively.


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