Looking back at the beginning

Nasus splash.

My post last night about our first characters made me a little nostalgic. One thing I love about video games in general, especially those with a longer arc, is looking back to see where you came from, as cheesy as it sounds.

Though I first played Kassadin, I really got my start with Nasus, the first character I picked up with IP. I was bad with him – awful, really – but I’ve come to enjoy Nasus in the right team comps. From there I picked up Twisted Fate because I loved his ability to port around the map. It was something completely new from DotA and dear god was it fun to exploit (TF is still on my top played because of my early obsession with him).

My real come-from-behind story is with Shaco, though. I had started playing LoL just as Shaco launched, and I loved the idea behind him. I had also seen him do well in games but every time I played him, and I mean every single time I just couldn’t get anything going. My farm would be terrible, my item build was all over the place, and at the end of the game I just felt like I couldn’t do anything right. My brother actually used to laugh as he watched me struggle to put together some semblance of a decent game.

Shaco has since become my most played character, and one of my better played toons, and I’ve come to enjoy a majority of the characters, each for their own reasons.


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