LoL: Facebook Tristana is here

Pink Tristana.The long wait is finally over. Facebook Tristana is now available for free to anyone willing to become a fan of League of Legends on Facebook. It’s a completely painless process for what is actually a pretty cool skin.

Here’s the official post from the Riot forums:

It is my privilege to announce to all of you that, as of today, not being a fan of League of Legends on Facebook will constitute a tactical error! And do you know why that is? Because if you’re not a fan on Facebook, you’re going to be stricken with envy when you see all of your friends playing with their brand new Riot Girl Tristana skin!

That’s right, Runeterrans! You’ve waited patiently, and now your long wait is over! And all you need to do to get your very own gun slinging, rapid firing, rocket jumping yordle lady all punked out with a pink dye job is follow this link! Click here to become a League of Legends Fan and claim your very own Tristana Champion and Riot Girl Tristana skin!

That’s really all you have to do. And yeah, the skin rocks.


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