Toys R Us has a 3-fer-2 sale this week

Toys R Us.That the video game industry has been in a backward slide lately hasn’t been all bad. Companies are ready to make big deals just to get people to buy, well, anything, so it’s been possible to pick up two or three of the newest titles for reasonable rates. Toys R Us is offering up another deal this week, this time in the form of a buy two, get the third free. The sale applies to both games and accessories.

It’s a pretty sweet deal, though I don’t think you can mix and match accessories. Also not sure if it works with pre-orders, but you could always pick up a new game like Uncharted 2 and trade it back in for Forza 3 (yes, mixing some systems) when it releases later this month. The accessory deal is good on anything up to $100, so if you’ve been looking at a controller and maybe a charging station, now could be a good time to get it. Remember, the deal is only good for a week.


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