Playstation Home reaches 10 million users

Playstation Home logo.Despite the service’s non-priority status, Playstation Home has hit a significant milestone this week. According to a press release this morning, the place “where users and developers meet” has hit 10 million users. The news comes as Home has opened new spaces recently, including one for Uncharted 2.

“Every new game space enhances the overall experience for consumers, offering more variety, more choice and more enjoyment from a PlayStation Home session,” said Dan Hill, Sony’s European Home business manager. “The more game spaces there are, the better it gets, and the number of spaces keeps on growing. For developers, there’s no better way of driving interest in their titles than giving fans a hands-on, interactive experience based around the game itself.”

Well, a hands-on, interactive experience with the game itself always seemed sufficient to me. Really, I have very little interest in Home as any sort of serious marketing platform. It might be a nice way for Sony to make a few bucks if they can properly monetize it, but I can’t imagine the value for developers being as high as Hill makes it out to be.


Toys R Us has a 3-fer-2 sale this week

Toys R Us.That the video game industry has been in a backward slide lately hasn’t been all bad. Companies are ready to make big deals just to get people to buy, well, anything, so it’s been possible to pick up two or three of the newest titles for reasonable rates. Toys R Us is offering up another deal this week, this time in the form of a buy two, get the third free. The sale applies to both games and accessories.

It’s a pretty sweet deal, though I don’t think you can mix and match accessories. Also not sure if it works with pre-orders, but you could always pick up a new game like Uncharted 2 and trade it back in for Forza 3 (yes, mixing some systems) when it releases later this month. The accessory deal is good on anything up to $100, so if you’ve been looking at a controller and maybe a charging station, now could be a good time to get it. Remember, the deal is only good for a week.


Uncharted 2 could migrate to the PSP

Uncharted 2.I’m pretty pissed that Uncharted 2 is only available on the PS3. I’m never going to own one, no matter how cheap it gets, but I really want to play the game. There was a ray of hope for me this weekend when Naughty Dog’s co-prez Evan Wells said he’d like to see the game expand beyond the PS3. What he meant was the PSP, another console I will never EVER own.

The interview is pretty good, though. Wells talks about continued support for the game through DLC, the development process that could turn Uncharted 2 into the most played game on the PSN. At the end of the interview Evan Wells was pushed for answers about a Jack & Daxter sequel for the PS3. He wouldn’t say anything definite, but he made it clear that the company is committed to J&D in the future.

Source: Examiner


PS3 Gets A 250GB Bundle

PS3 Slim.Shortly after Microsoft announced the 250GB Xbox 360 bundle for Modern Warfare 2, images started to surface showing a PS3 Slim bundle with a similarly sized hard drive and Uncharted 2. Sony has since denied the bundle for US, but made no comment with regard to other regions.

The 250GB console first showed up in the FCC on the same day Sony launched the PS3 Slim. According to Eurogamer, a trusted retailer has confirmed the new SKU in three varieties, each bundled with a different game. It looks like the bundle will run approximately $500 in the UK and will ship with either em>Uncharted 2, Assassin’s Creed II, or Gran Turismo 5. Sony has yet to confirm any of this in writing, but if the new SKU coincides with the game launch dates, each bundle would likely be available for a limited time. The games rumored to be included launch October 23rd, November 20th, and in Q4 2009, respectively.


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