It Looks Like that Long Rumored “Walking Dead” DLC Has a Name


Besides working on that increasingly more intriguing “Fables” project, the fine folks at Telltale Games have also been making vague mentions of a “Walking Dead” DLC project that will carry on the original game of the year series, and tide over the hordes of fans until season 2 is complete.

While many assumed that the short clips the company has been uploading to Vine are related to this project, further confirmation the add-on is upcoming was recently found on Steam where an encrypted file named “400 Days DLC” has been added to the original game.

Along with the title, the only other thing that can be discerned from the vague hints and leaked info regarding the highly anticipated add-on is that it will follow a completely new group of partially revealed characters as they struggle to survive in the zombie apocalypse.

Other than that, a host of unanswered questions remain about “400 Days,” including what timeframe it takes place in during the apocalypse, and what, if any, geographical or emotional relation the new characters have with the original cast, and of course when the game’s release date is.

The bigger question though is whether or not Telltale can maintain the choice and consequences gameplay of the original titles over what we can probably assume will be standalone new adventure. While it’s hard to imagine they would consider dropping such a defining concept, it will be intriguing to see if the lone episode format hinders that idea, or encourages their ability to produce even more varied and intriguing scenarios within a single episode, less dependent on the entry before, or the one after, in terms of the drastic effects of your actions.

While I personally believe it will be the later, we should all expect to hear the first definitive news on “400 Days” at, or soon after, this year’s E3.


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