Tezos blockchain gains in NFT-based play-to-earn gaming

Tezos blockchain

The NFT gaming movement is growing fast, and various blockchains are in a battle to be the platform of choice for game developers. Tezos is making real progress in this area with its emphasis on low energy consumption, cheaper fees, community governance and easily upgradeable architecture.

Energy consumption is a real factor here, as many consumers and gamers are in open revolt over the concept of NFTs that can hurt the environment when housed on platforms that burn a considerable amount of energy. Tezos is one of many blockchains focusing on more efficient energy consumption:

One of the main criticisms levied at NFTs is the high energy consumption of the blockchains that host them. The Ethereum blockchain, for instance, is said to consume around 26TWh annually, the equivalent of the nation of Ecuador. Tezos however is able to distance itself from those criticisms as it’s one of the most environmentally-friendly blockchains of all, thanks to its use of a Proof-of-Stake consensus to validate transactions on the network. As a result, in comparison to Ethereum, it uses a minuscule 60MWh of energy per year.

The battle for game NFTs will be fierce, so it will be interesting to see if Tezos emerges as one of the long-term winners here.


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