As Halloween Approaches, Games Start to Get in the Spirit With Themed Updates

While the age of Halloween themed TV show specials is slowly coming to a close (we miss you TGIF!), videogames have been more than willing to pick up the slack in recent years by using the beloved horror holiday to unleash a bevy of downloadable frights on gamers everywhere. This year is no exception, and here are just a few of the recent Halloween themed additions made to some popular games.


The incredibly humorous, and appropriately intense, re-make of the 90’s FPS “Shadow Warrior” continues its in-game trend of borrowing weapons from other series, as it adds an ice axe to the game’s substantial arsenal that comes courtesy of TellTalle’s “Walking Dead” games. While its effectiveness when put up against the katana it replaces is suspect, as anyone whose played The Walking Dead can attest, when in a pinch it can really make a baddie think twice, and should fit well into the game’s selection of awesome weapons best applied with extreme predjudice.


Popular world building RPG “Terraria” gets a little more into the traditional Halloween spirit by filling it’s world with a variety of Halloween novelties. You’ll find enemies wearing costumes, random gift bags filled with in-game treats, a variety of Halloween themed items, weapons, and locations, to explore and create, and even a special new “Pumpkin Moon Event” challenge which adds a survival mode to the game, where waves of enemies all possessing increasingly better loot descend upon the player.


The best of the Halloween updates though has to go to “Minecraft,” which has  just unveiled a Halloween update for the 360 version of the game that is simply mind blowing. It essentially re-skins the entire game in a way that lets you build a Halloween world of your own, not unlike that of Pumpkin Town from “A Nightmare Before Christmas.” The attention to detail here is phenomenal, and constantly provides the feeling that the developers are more excited for Halloween than anyone else. There’s too many examples of little Halloween touches to go over, but I have to give a shout out to whoever decided to turn the game’s teleporting Endermen, into the more horror appropriate Slendermen. A free update, everyone who has Minecraft on the 360 needs to experience this, as it just may be the best way to get hyped for “Halloween” available. Browsing the images of this incredible update is also highly recommended.

Of course this is just a sampling of the Halloween updates available, and the biggest annual update (The “Team Fortress 2” Halloween update) is still yet to come. Stay tuned here this week for more updates on that, as well as other horror themed articles in anticipation of Halloween.


Sega’s got your Bayonetta costume solution

Bayonetta full costume.If you’re completely out of costume ideas for Saturday, Sega wants to offer a little help. Because really, what’s hotter than a busty witch dual-wielding Derringers? Nothing, that’s what.

Yes, the costume at right comes from Bayonetta, Sega’s witch-themed shooter set for a 2010 release. The heroine is a sexy mashup of witch, japanese school girl, and kung-fu master. Sega wants to make sure a few Bayonettas make the rounds this Halloween so it put together a little guide for making your Bayonetta as authentic and erotic as possible.

Even if you aren’t looking for a game-inspired costume this year, the page is worth a read. The game looks admittedly cool, but when you consider applying some of the…character design choices…to an actual human, it sounds totally batshit. For example, the description of Bayonetta’s guns reads, “Add-ons include a crystal in its center allowing it to magically summon bullets, as well as a rail on the top of the guns so they can be equipped on Bayonetta’s feet by sliding them into the gap in her high heels.” Just a little food for thought while you’re at your local thrift store this weekend.


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