No FG LoL Monday tonight – back next week

FG LoL Mondays

I am finally back home in North Carolina but unfortunately I won’t be able to make it online for FG LoL Mondays this evening. Let’s shoot for next week for getting in some games together. Until then, keep on reading. I’m officially back to a regular posting schedule.

Hope to see you next week!


No FG LoL Mondays tonight

FG LoL Mondays

I won’t be hosting FG LoL Mondays this evening as I will be getting on the road to Ohio bright and early tomorrow morning. As usual, it’s possible that I’ll get everything packed up and ready to go by 10 or so this evening, so feel free to hit me with an invite if you see me online, but I would say that’s unlikely.

In the meantime, enjoy some LoL or the new focus of your affection while I’m away. The Steam Holiday Sale started today, and we all know what that means – spending way too much money on new distractions. Happy Holidays!


FG LoL Mondays are on – 9:30PM EST

FG LoL Mondays

I’ll be around this evening for a few games if anyone would like to join. If you’re interested in playing with the other readers here, join the chat channel “Fearless Gamer” in the client. You can also add me at “The Wiggin Boy” if chat rooms aren’t your thing.

Log in around 9:15 so we can check our numbers and get started. Hope to see you tonight!


FG LoL Mondays tonight – 9:30PM EST

FG LoL Mondays

I was planning to let FG LoL Mondays slide through the holidays, but I have some extra time on my hands tonight so I figured, let’s play a few games together. I’ll be online around 9:30 this evening to play a few games and experience that new jungle with you guys.

If you’d like to play, jump online and join the channel “Fearless Gamer” in the client. You can always find me online as “The Wiggin Boy” as well.


No FG LoL Monday until after the holiday

FG LoL Mondays

I thought I’d have time to dig in for some games tonight but it just isn’t in the cards. I’m prepping for yet another trip up to Ohio. With Thanksgiving just around the corner I’m going to be holding off on FG LoL Mondays until the holiday is past. I might be around here and there tonight and tomorrow, so please feel free to drop me a message.

As always, you can find me at “The Wiggin Boy.” Happy Thanksgiving to you good American folk. See you all next week.


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