Signs Point Vaguely to a New Bully Game on the Horizon


Despite being known for a few distinct franchises (like that Grand Theft Whatsitsname), the fine folks at Rockstar have historically never been afraid to abandon their laurels and attempt to create new, and exciting properties.

While some of those attempts turn into “Rockstar Table Tennis” (which is still fun in its own right), many more become noteworthy, if flawed, titles like 2006’s “Bully,” a game which tasked you with taking the role of a mischievous 15 year old at a pristine boarding school, as he pranks, learns, and generally tries to figure out his young life through a series of misadventures.

It was a cult classic type game that certainly had its fanbase, but didn’t set the world on fire like that other Rockstar franchise. This was mostly due to an overreliance on fetch quest missions, and a general unevenness brought about between a conflict between the games more structured, but enjoyable aspects (such as attending classes, and seeking out side missions) and a determination to force the “sandbox” style gameplay in, though it often felt out of place.

Still though, it had potential, which may be what publisher Take Two thinks, since they’ve filed a trademark registration for the “Bully” property indicating, among other possibilities, a potential interest in returning to the franchise by releasing a sequel.

Now this is far from a guarantee, but it does make since considering Rockstar’s history of reviving franchises with potential once they feel the current technology allows for it with typically sterling results (See: “GTA III,” “Red Dead Redemption,” and “Max Payne 3”). Considering “Bully” had so much going for it initially, then the thoughts of a similar revival on par with those examples is exciting, and is enough to request everybody keep their fingers crossed that this news be confirmed soon so we can all enjoy the results.

Plus, success for a future “Bully” title, could mean the revival of “The Warriors.”


Because I Freaking Loved That Game


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