The Best of Black Friday Game Deals

I usually try to avoid the mass hysteria of Black Friday, but in the case of video games, I too fall victim to the beautiful deals and throw myself into the madness with open wallet, and little regard for common financial sense.

Luckily when it comes to games you can find a lot of great deals online that don’t require you to arm yourself and push some fellow human being on the ground to take advantage of. In that spirit, here is just a small sampling of the best online deals available right now.

*Note: Don’t be surprised if some of these are gone by the time you get to them as deals move and sell out quickly. Be sure to act accordingly then and as always consult the great Dealzon for the best finds.

Grand Theft Auto IV Complete Edition, GTA: San Andreas, and LA: Noire Complete (PC Download) – Amazon – $14.99

Have you ever eaten a food that was too rich and decadent? Same thing with this deal. Countless hours of Rockstar Gaming greatness for under $20 is almost too good a deal, as you’re basically forfeiting your life by buying it.

Get It Here

Dishonored (PC Download) – Green Man Gaming -$22.50

Anytime you can get a game that’s barely a month old for under $25 it’s a deal worth checking out. When that game is one of the best of the year by a mile, you should probably stop what you’re doing right now (including reading this) and pursue it.

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Mass Effect Trilogy (PC Download) – Gamefly – $23.99

I once bought a Rolex watch in Chinatown that was an absolute perfect knock off, but broke later that day. It was a valuable lesson on something being too good to be true, and is the only reason I wouldn’t recommend jumping on this deal. It’s so mind-blowingly cheap, there almost has to somehow be a catch.

Get It Here

Sleeping Dogs (360, PS3) – Best Buy – $24.99

Lots of great deals at Best Buy on console games, but kind of hard to ignore the steal on this modern Hong Kong crime epic and its bountiful gameplay. A real know a guy, who knows a guy type steal.

Get It Here

Xbox 360 250GB Bundle with “Skyrim” and “Forza Motorsport 4” – NewEgg – $189.99

If you were somehow waiting to buy a 360 until just the right moment, then getting one for under $200 with one of the best RPG’s and one of the best racing games of all time, would finally be that moment.

Get It Here

Dead Or Alive 5 (360, PS3) – Gamestop – $29.99

While Gamestop isn’t exactly setting the world on fire with their bargains, there are a few to be found. Definitely grab the best fighting game of the year while you can.

Get It Here

Steam Autumn Sale

Finally it is once again time for the Steam Autumn Sale, which is running until 11/26. With almost too many good games to list, and deals rotating constantly, as well as mark downs of some kind on pretty much everything, it’s the first place any PC gamer should go.

Get Them Here


Walmart and Best Buy give up on trade-ins

E-play kiosk in Best Buy.It seems like it was just yesterday that Best Buy and Walmart tried to horn in on Gamestop’s used game profits. As it turns out that little endeavor wasn’t so successful; both stores will be closing used game operations within the month.

In case you don’t recall, it wasn’t actually Walmart or Best Buy handling the used game operations. Both companies outsourced the work to E-play. E-play suspended operations on Monday and will remove its kiosks from the select locations of both retailers within the next three weeks. Neither retailer has plans to branch out with its own system.

It’s a little surprising that things would fall apart so quickly but I never really expected either store to make money. Most of the used game junkies I know have a certain rapport with their local Gamestop employees, who manage to keep the words “we don’t get paid on commission” out of every conversation.

Source: Industry Gamers


Best Buy Offers Half Off A 360 Game When You Buy Another

Best Buy.This week Best Buy is showing 360 gamers some love by offering half off one game when you buy another. As always with this sort of deal there is a limited list of titles available, but that list includes big hits like Halo 3 and Fable 2.

Oddly enough, you’ll notice Modern Warfare 2 is on the list, even though the qualifications say you can only choose from titles currently in stock. I highly doubt this promo will be running until November, when the game is set to release, but maybe you can pick up a pre-order on the cheap.

Best Buy has not issued a closing date for the sale, but I wouldn’t take my chances, especially you’re thinking about the new Call of Duty. I know several stores around here have already sold out of their pre-orders, and most are nearly out of the Prestige Edition as well.


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