LoL: Dealing with losing streaks

Summoner's Rift defeat.A couple weeks ago I went on a tear. I had been somewhere around 50 games over .500 for a little under a month and for whatever reason it seemed the stars had aligned. I was getting matched with smart teammates who could communicate and move as a group. Even when my teammates left a little to be desired, my opponents were always in far worse shape. My win count climbed and climbed until I plateaued sometime last week at 69 games up.

I should have seen it coming. Over the course of the past two weeks I’m now down 16 games, back to 53 over even. I know, that’s still 3 games positive, but when the swings come in batches of 15 games or so, I don’t really know what to do. As it stands I’m about as frustrated as I’ve ever been with the game. As my friends and I like to say, I seem to be losing the teammate lottery time and time again.

Once my score dropped below 60 games up, I decided I would go tryhard, choosing only the strongest toons for the map at hand. I rolled a bunch of games as Jax and Poppy on TT and had my first Twisted Fate match on SR in a long, long time. None of it seemed to matter. I carried the SR game handily, with 2 legendary streaks and a handful of turret kills. The rest, though, were mostly losses. I’ve had teammates AFK, teammates leave, teammates who start fighting with one another before the game even starts. The latest trend is teammates who refuse to get survivability. Two games in a row I played with an ally Morgana. I don’t know if you’ve seen it, but Morgana dominates on TT if she’s played well. The spell shield alone is enough to make any DPS champ climax with glee. Throw her ultimate down in a team fight and you’ve got nearly guaranteed victory.

There is one caveat: she has to live. You know what doesn’t help her live? All the blasting wands my teammates keep buying. Then there was the Ashe that refused to buy any health items against Sion, Nasus, and Shaco. I’m sure you can imagine how that turned out.

By this point I’ve given up on the tryhard comps. My last game I played Yi. I was legendary. We still lost because of the aforementioned Ashe. I’ve got my fingers crossed for some good action in the next round of games I have time for. I’ll be playing whoever strikes my fancy until I can turn this ship around. At the very worst, I figure my ELO will drop to the point that I can just steamroll some opponents and hope that the streak will turn in my favor.


LoL Basics: Crit chance or crit damage?

Warwick showing TF some love.Today I’ve got another rune discussion for you, branching off the magic penetration guide I made the other day. If you’re a physical DPS player – Ashe, Warwick, Twitch – you’re going to be going after critical strike items, typically culminating with Infinity Edge. Few things are quite as fun as burning down a Fiddlesticks with a few quick crits. So how should you spend your IP: critical strike chance runes or critical damage?

There are two sides of the debate. For critical damage, the idea is that you are increasing your damage by means only available on two items in the game: Sword of the Occult and Infinity Edge. Those are the only method by which you can increase your critical damage and one, the Sword of the Occult, can be fairly unreliable. If you’re a Shaco player, crit damage can be invaluable as it increases the damage caused by Deceive. Early game you can nearly one-shot players if you have a full crit damage page.

But crit damage runes are expensive. Very expensive. The crit chance folks would argue that crit chance has wider application and can more effective swing the early game in your favor. Bumping your crit chance by as much as 20% means you should win almost every stand and fight situation at level 1, and your harassment gets a big boost too. It’s easy to scare someone off with a few early 120+ hits. As abundant as critical chance items are, you could easily make the argument that runes allow you to forego some of those items in favor of damage, which could in turn lead to more Bloodthirster stacks, which gets very scary for the other team.

For my IP points, I’d go for crit chance. They’re cheap, provide a solid benefit, and can help push you toward a few more wins until you’ve got the IP to upgrade to crit damage.


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