These Xbox Games Will Make You Want To Visit A Casino

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Xbox has released many games throughout the many different editions of the console itself and has had a life span that has lasted decades (and will continue to go on). It is important to remember that there are a few games that may very well have you wanting to frequent your nearest casino or reach for an online version to quench your casino thirst.

Dedicated Casino Games On The Xbox Don’t Give You The Same Experience As The Real Thing

The first few mentioned here are purely casino games. They may have many different casino games on one disc or concentrate their efforts on a small selection. However, within the games themselves, there is nothing to do but relax and play with game money so there is no risk at all, just the potential to enjoy and be entertained. These games are such as:

• The Four Kings Casino and Slots
• Poker Night 2
• High Rollers Casino

Although, as mentioned above, you play these like a video game so are not anything like attending a real casino, even though there may very well be some slight similarities. However, if you are looking for casino-style games that are more true to life and you aren’t anywhere near a land-based casino then there are sites online such as where you can play real money casino games.

Bestselling Xbox Games With A Gambling Element

Of course, you may not be wanting to attend a casino other than to drink in the atmosphere, but instead are wanting a game that has a storyline to follow with just a hint of the casino excitement to keep you entertained. In this case, you will probably want to have a look at games such as:

• Red Dead Redemption 2
• GTA San Andreas

which could fit the bill nicely.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 is set in the American decline and follows a former outlaw who has his family taken hostage by the government for the ransom of his services as a hired gun, although the Red Dead Redemption games are set in a time where there are very few if any actual casinos, there are plenty of Saloons available where your character can gamble and play many of the games that are available in the modern-day casinos, such as poker, and blackjack as well as others.

GTA San Andreas

Whereas GTA San Andreas is also set in America and follows a gangster that is drawn to his life of crime, and clashes with corrupt authorities and powerful criminals, you can use the casinos within the game to increase the main character’s gambling skills.

Indeed, both games are parts of their very own series and whether you find any inspiration in them to visit a casino is totally up to you, but it will shed a glimmer of the excitement and thrill that could possibly be found within the walls of a land-based casino or while playing at an online casino depending on where you are based and what you feel most comfortable with.


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