5 Lucrative Careers Every Gamer Should Consider


If you’ve ever wondered how you can parlay your love of video games into money, great news! There are a number of careers that you can pursue that use your love for gaming and your skill set. Here are some of the top careers for gamers.


Animators are the people who bring the stories and objects to life in a video game. In the video game industry, there are 2D animators and 3D animators. Many times an animator will do both.

To succeed as an animator, you need artistic talent and a creative vision. Your success is dependent on taking someone else’s vision and bringing it to life through your animated art. Strong storytelling skills are a plus in the industry. The average salary range is £20,000 – 50,000.

Game Developer

The video game developer works with the designers and artists to bring the project to life. Developers typically develop the concept of the game, the story, and the characters. In this role, they also assemble the team that will create the game.

College degrees are required and the field is highly competitive. Most video game professionals will not start off in this role; they will need several years of experience in another part of the industry before they can move into this position. Starting salaries are around £20,000, and with more experience, you could earn up to £75,000, with the average being around £50,000.

Audio Engineer

Sound, music, and voices are an integral part of a fun and engaging video game. Audio engineers work with producers and designers to bring a game to life via sound, whether it be background music, battle noises, or character voices, to name a few. Companies are looking for innovation and experience. Work with audio recording equipment and software is a must if one wants a position as an audio engineer.

Most Audio Engineers earn an average salary of £25,054 per year. A college degree is preferred and experience is an absolute requirement.

Video Game Artist

The artist will translate the script into a visual form, which the animators will then build from. Storyboard artists will create art to depict the scenes and sequence of action within a game before it goes further in production. Artists are also responsible for designing the packaging of the video game. There are usually different artist positions on games such as art director, senior artist, visual effects artist or technical artist.
Extensive experience with graphic design will get you far in this field. Average salary varies, with newcomers earning around £30,000 and more senior artists earning upwards of £50,000 – 60,000.


Technically programmers are the software engineers behind the design. They ensure that what the player’s input to the remotes or consoles will match what is happening on the screen. Programming also ensures that the characters are moving in a natural, instinctual way. They work closely with the artists, designers, and sound technicians, as well as the testers.

To become a programmer you must have a degree in Computer Science. Programmers earn an average £30,000 – 50,000.

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