What Should You Know About A Computer Screen That Is Perfect For Gaming?


Without having a good screen, you will not have a great gaming experience. This is quite obvious. It is really important that you choose a laptop or a monitor that would offer you the best viewing possible. In order to achieve this, consider the following facts:

The Native Resolution

Native resolution means the setting at which the computer screen offers the best images. Keep in mind that the computer is going to be used for different things, not just gaming. With this in mind, you need to be sure that this resolution is best for whatever you will use the computer.

Aspect Ratio

It is recommended to consider a widescreen format monitor. Widescreen formats are usually great when looking at delivering high resolution content but there is usually not much computer real estate that can be used for surfing the web.


LCDs do not have a good ability to properly render images in the time it takes the game to deliver. This is basically a huge problem, especially in the event that we are talking about gaming laptops. When there is a difference between render speed and visualization speed, lags appear. Every single gamer out there knows that lag will destroy the entire gaming experience.


According to gamesniped.com, poor contrast will lead to black areas appearing lighter and white areas appearing darker. You will basically not be able to see the game exactly as it was designed to be seen. In many situations the gamer will end up with a sub-par experience because of improper contrast.

Viewing Angle

Another often overlooked feature of a gaming monitor, viewing angle helps because you can place the monitor in different locations while gaining the best gaming experience. The one example that everyone knows is when it is sunny outside and you cannot see the monitor. However, this is not a problem with viewing angle. Some of the monitors out there offer a viewing angle of up to an impressive 120 degrees while others do not have much availability and you can only see the best image when you sit in a specific position.


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