If You’re Not Already, Now Would Be a Really Good Time To Get Excited About “The Witcher 3”


Even though it sat awhile untouched in my Steam queue, “The Witcher 2” ended up being one of my favorite RPG’s of modern gaming. While this is due in large part to some world spanning story telling similar to “FF XII” in scope, but with the intimacy, pacing, and tight structure of a Bioware tale, even the controversially challenging gameplay grew on me, largely due to the fact that mastering it didn’t come easy.

Considering that challenge, it’s surprising that the game had the success it did across the mass market, but ultimately the level of craftsmanship put into the game made it undeniable, even to people that wouldn’t normally receive it so well.

Given that combination of quality and success, a sequel may have been inevitable, but ever since that announcement “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” has been anything but a given, and has been surprising all that lay eyes on it with its ambitious plans to completely re-shape a franchise that already re-invented itself once before with its runaway hit predecessor.

While it’s as true as ever that anything shy of the final product will be loose talk and hype, it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to remain level headed when it comes to “Wild Hunt” as every promotional bit and feature plan released so far has shown a game that is going to be very, very special. That’s a trend that continues with the newest teaser called “Killing Monsters.”

Without spoiling anything from that must see video, the way it turns the trailer title on its ear and defies your expectations going into it with something incredible is a microcosm of what this series does so well. “Dead Island” may have proved that great teasers do not equal great games, but I dare you to watch that video and not tell me that despite any inclinations you may have toward pessimism regarding the entire concept of a pre-rendered teaser, that you are not seriously hyped up.

Add to that the recent announcement the great Charles Dance (Lord Tywin Lannister from “Game of Thrones”) will be playing a major role, and it’s becoming more and more clear what the first truly great game of the next generation may be.


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