Sejuani Champion Spotlight is live

Riot posted the Sejuani Spotlight late last night, giving us the first look at the League’s first mounted champion. I wasn’t all that excited about Sejuani until I saw the way her mount moved around. I have to say, I’m a little sad it took Riot this long to make a mounted champion. Sejuani looks awesome. Yes, I said awesome. I’m not talking about her skills, just the way she actually looks running around. I would really like to see more champions like this – the animations are just very, very cool.

As for her actual abilities, it’s tough to say. I only had one game with her today. I was surprised to find that her Shyvana-style AoE scaled with her health. In the single game I played I laned top against a Lee Sin and actually held my own. He definitely underestimated my tankiness and control, which allowed me to rocket ahead fairly early in the game. Unfortunately, my team’s comp wasn’t great and our Wukong disconnected somewhat late in the game. We ended with a surrender.

I will probably try to get a few more games in with her over the course of the week, so keep an eye out for an impressions post. Though I did enjoy my playtime with her, I would like to see her get a little more Leona-style tankiness rather than the big health, medium damage she currently has. I could see a damage-dealing, Trinity Force build doing fairly well on her, as unfortunate as that is to say. We’ll see.


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