DotA 2 content is inbound!

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m finally a part of the DotA 2 beta. You know what that means: crazy amounts of new content to explore and report on. As a long-time DotA fan, I’m loving the chance to get back to that familiar map and a mechanic set that feels very different from League of Legends.

Not to worry, LoL fans. I will continue to write about the League of Legends scene in detail. If you aren’t interested in DotA news, you can opt-out by pointing your browser to the League of Legends category of the blog. Same for you DotA fans. If you’re done with League of Legends or new to Fearless Gamer, hit up the DotA category here for the latest and greatest.

I know comparisons can be a bit pointless, but I do think there are enough similarities between League and DotA for plenty of discussion. I will try to keep the two worlds separate when they don’t match up, but I’ll trust you guys to keep me honest on that. I’m not looking to bash either game. I’m truly interested in the development of this genre.


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