Winged Hussars to become the next skin set?

Earlier this weekend Riot finally gave us some news on Winged Hussar Xin Zhao, a skin that has been in the game files for months. Some time ago a Rioter posted that the Winged Hussar skin would be part of a special promotion. Now, though, it seems he’ll be available for purchase starting tomorrow.

Here’s the official post:

The Seneschal of Demacia is here to let you know that the Winged Hussars are on the lookout for new recruits! The legendary Winged Hussars will be opening up their books to new members starting this Monday, the 26th of September, so don’t miss roll call! If you’re ready to don your set of historical-inspired armor, you’ll be pleased Winged Hussar Xin Zhao is on the march!

The language here is a little confusing, if only because of the word “legendary.” You know, the same word Riot uses to let us know when skins are going to be extra-expensive.

As far as I can tell, this skin is one of two things. Either it’s the legendary Xin Zhao skin, or it’s the launch of another skin set like the Pentakill or Crimson Elite skins. For my part, I hope it’s the latter. I’d like to think the legendary skin for Xin could be a bit better than a guy with a spear.


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