Champ of the Week: Brand

Apocalypse Brand.

I’ve been trying to get one of my ranked ratings above 1485 for the Silver designation before the end of Season One. For me, that usually means playing an AP carry mid. It’s a position I always enjoy – it’s usually aggressive, which for me is a lot of fun. I’m usually a Malzahar guy, mostly because he’s crazy easy to dominate with, but I’ve been mixing it up lately with Brand and things have been going pretty well.

I feel like I’ve got some decent ideas about his build and his kit, but I want to spend some extra time with him, breaking down the mechanics that…light Brand’s fire. Yeah, I said it.

I’ll be trying out a few different builds this week, focusing on durability for comps that don’t have much peel and raw power for comps that bring plenty of CC. I’ll also be considering his matchups against champions like Orianna, Annie, and Malzahar. If you have any tips or…burning questions, drop them in the comments. Check back later in the week for more impressions of Brand.


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