Recipe for a bad Vayne game


I have been blowing people out of the water with Vayne since her release, pretty much without exception. I have lost a game here and there – I went 26/4 in a game and still lost with her thanks to absolutely rampant feeding by my four teammates but I still had fun trying to win that one – but I haven’t had a truly bad game until tonight, so I thought I’d share my recipe for losing games with Vayne.

1 teammate (Gangplank or Nunu work best in my experience)
1 open solo lane
1 duo lane
1-2 opponents, depending on taste

Take your 1 teammate and knead until ready for feeding. If he requests a solo lane, knead some more. If he still requests a solo lane, give it to him. Watch that solo lane die to 1 opponent at level 1. Ask him to play more safely. Watch him die 3 more times. If working with the Twitch brand of opponent, prepare to never leave your turret. Surrender at 20 minutes.

Alternatively, knead your teammate until ready for feeding and place him in a bottom lane for storage. When ready, join your teammate bottom lane and sift slowly with last hits. When he starts trying to zone two of the best laners in the game (Blitzcrank and Lux), gently persuade him to not do that so close to tower. When he dies four times in ten minutes, realize you will get zero farm in that lane, cook at 450 degrees for twenty minutes and hit the surrender button.


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