Magma Chamber and graphical update leaks

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I’ve finally had the time to edit down all of these pictures for your perusal. They are a couple weeks old and have been leaked on other sites, but here they are for you. These are shots from Magma Chamber and several pics of the graphical update slated for League of Legends.

As you can see from the initial image, the overall map design looks to be just about done. What we’re likely waiting on are the little tweaks that happened with Twisted Treeline over time. Remember all the brush changes and the mob changes, the gold per creep and gold per minute changes? All of those things affect the balance of a map.

I’ve also included some champions in post-graphical-update form. Personally, I don’t really care about this stuff. I like stylized graphics, and frankly, graphics are rarely the thing about a game that gets me hot. I do think some of the new models look better, but some of them just look like they’re wet.

As I mentioned yesterday, this stuff is long overdue. I hope we get to see it soon.


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