The sheriff gets a sheriff skin…?

The official Caitlyn bundles and champion skins included in her patch have been announced. For the Sheriff of Piltover you’ll be able to purchase Sheriff Cait…wait, what? Yes, the Sheriff has a purchasable Sheriff Caitlyn skin. It’s a good looking skin, but why on earth isn’t that her default? Her second skin is Resistance Caitlyn, which also looks really nice.

We finally get to see Surgeon Shen and, at his side, looking sexy as ever, Nurse Akali. A short note on that – Look at Nurse Akali’s outfit. It’s hot, and yet her nipples aren’t on the verge of springing loose from her top. Riot, pay attention when the artist responsible for that skin has ideas on other champions. Caitlyn seriously looks like you chopped off Sona’s top half and pasted it onto a different pair of legs.


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