Riot hasn’t made a peep about Caitlyn’s release date

Caitlyn 1

We’re now more than two weeks past the Cassiopeia release date, which puts Caitlyn outside the normal release window. Though I’ve been excited to see her launch, I’ve actually enjoyed the extra time. That’s a little silly to say since I haven’t been playing much LoL lately, but it’s nice that I’ve been able to indulge in some other games without worrying that I’ll be falling behind in my understanding of new champions and mechanics.

I’d really like to see Riot stick to a three or even four week release schedule, and instead focus patch weight on champion changes and balance tweaks. There is still a lot to be done for the game, and though I know Riot says balance and new champion design are two different departments, I’m sure the two processes are similar enough to reallocate some manpower.

Evelynn still hasn’t received her oft-rumored remake, and several designers have been quoted recently as saying jungle Eve puts too much stress on the enemy team. That’s something that needs addressed fairly quickly in my mind, even if there aren’t many Eve players out there. Gangplank has also been slated for a review/remake for some time, yet he remains unchanged.

I’m guessing we’ll see a return to the champion-every-two-weeks model of development once the holidays have passed, but sometimes it’s nice to dream a bit.


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