Snowdown Showdown skins and Cassiopeia bundles announced

Winter is officially here, folks. Well, officially officially it begins December 21st, but Riot’s got the Snowdown Showdown ready to go, and that’s close enough for me. This year brings a new batch of very cool skins along with the new champion, Cassiopeia, and her own skin bundles.

I’ve got Riot’s full gallery for your perusal here. Snowdown Showdown skins will include:
-Santa Gragas
-Reindeer Kog’Maw
-Silent Night Sona
-Re-Gift Amumu
-Ragdoll Poppy
-Candy Cane Miss Fortune

I think my favorite is probably Re-Gift Amumu, though I’m really digging Reindeer Kog’Maw and Nutcracko is great (despite the fact that more people will think his name is Shacko and not Shayco). As for Cassiopeia, she’s getting a western skin and a siren skin, both of which seem appropriate.

These should all be available with the patch, though there aren’t any patch notes up yet, nor is there a server status message. We might be waiting until Wednesday.


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