LeBlanc getting a hotfix nerf


I knew LeBlanc was strong, but I’m pretty surprised to see this bit of news. Apparently Riot is planning a hotfix nerf for LeBlanc within the week.

Here’s the post from Coronach:

When LeBlanc went out, we were unsure of her power level due to her complexity and skill differentials in internal play tests.

Seeing her on live, it’s been shown that she can be OP in a couple situations.We are investigating tapering down these scenarios slightly in a hotfix tomorrow or the day after, while keeping her fun and very viable. The two key things we want to address are: the Q-R combo, especially at level 6, and ensuring her mana costs are a limiting factor.

We will put out a hotfix in the next couple days, perhaps as earlier as tomorrow afternoon, once we have internally play tested the changes.

This is big news, considering Riot hasn’t hotfix nerfed a champion like this in a long time (I honestly can’t think of a non-bugged hero that they’ve hotfix nerfed like this). I do think it’s appropriate, though. I just played a game as Lux against a LeBlanc. I was playing well and had a good farm, but despite the fact that she was 2/5 and had just 100 AP, she could take me from full health to half in one Q -> R combo – something like 900 damage. That’s not a big deal if it’s Annie or Morgana, toons whose ultimate cooldowns are a minute or more. Less than 30 seconds, though? Yeah, I take issue with that.

In any case, it’s still a few days out, so enjoy your OP nukage while you can.


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