Season One blog posts will be on a few hours delay

I couldn’t really have planned this worse. An opportunity arose for my girlfriend and I to get out of town and go see family and it’s about the only chance we’ll have this summer so instead of playing Season One tomorrow during the day, I’ll be driving from North Carolina to Ohio.

As you can imagine, that’s going to delay my Season One coverage by a few hours. We’re leaving pretty early, so hopefully I’ll be up and running at my parents’ house by mid-evening and blogging as I go. Just so you guys know, I haven’t fallen off the face of the planet or fallen so in love with Xin Zhao that I can’t even spare the time to write.

If anyone wants to celebrate the launch of Season One in style, check in around 9:30 PM EST. I’ll be there, ready to play with anyone that wants to. You can add me at “The Wiggin Boy.” Hope to see you guys there!


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