LoL: Another hero approaches (Garen)

Garen.While we’re all waiting on the Kennen release, Riot has seen fit to grace us with yet another new champion, this time in the form of a complete omgwtfbbqpwnsauce tank. His name is Robert Paulsen. His name is Robert Paulsen. His name is Robert Paulsen. Err…his name is Garen, the Might of Demacia. From the sound of things he hails from the land of Poppy.

I’m excited to see his skill list. I’ve really fallen in love with Shen because of his great tanking skills. The chatter that his Feint could get a remake is just about the most exciting thing coming to the game (not really). Anyway, I’m glad to have another tank. Hopefully this one will be viable for some high-tier play.

This Friday at 6PM PST Riot’s Jeff Jew will be debuting Garen’s new skills on Xfire. The official post promises a “unique gameplay style.” Any bets on what it will be?


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