Bullz-Eye game review: Civilization V

Civilization V reviewI’ve done a couple game reviews recently for our parent site, Bullz-Eye.com, so I thought I’d share them while I’m on a bit of a content hiatus. Most recently I had a chance to review Civilization V, which I really enjoyed. I’ve never been much of a Civ fan, so it was nice to find that I could learn to like the game.

Here’s a quick excerpt:

If there’s one thing RTS fans didn’t like about “Civilization,” it was the lack of warfare. In “Civilization V,” though, warfare is probably the most interesting aspect of the game. While building a robust economy can be fun, it’s typically easier to tech ahead of your enemies and rush them with mounted cavalry or rifleman while they’re still researching iron or steel. As I mentioned, the computer doesn’t manage troop movement well, and troops now have high enough mobility to allow for distance campaigns, which were nearly impossible in older versions of the game.

You can check out the full Civilization V review at Bullz-Eye, alongside a smattering of PC game reviews and just about any console title review you might want.


OSC prefers a turn-based strat

Orson Scott Card.In a recent interview about Shadow Complex, the man himself, Orson Scott Card, talked a bit about his favorite types of video games: turn-based strategy. He’s no warmonger, though. OSC prefers games like the Civilization series, where you definitely have to be ready for battle, but most of your time is spent actually organizing and building up your civ.

“I like the turn-based strategy game and there aren’t very many of those made, and most of them are made badly,” OSC said. “Really Sid Meier is the only guy who does it reliably. And I wish more people would learn the lessons from the way he does it. Because I’ve looked at some of the other offerings and they emphasize the tedium and the fog of war.”

You can find the full interview at Big Download. If you made it through any of the later books in the Ender’s Game series or read much of Alvin Maker, I’m sure you’ll make it through just fine.


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