Japan gets a ‘This Is It’ PS3 bundle

This Is It PS3 bundle.If you live in Japan and have a freaky Michael Jackson fetish, Sony’s got the deal for you. For some reason, and that reason is probably that Sony is the one releasing This Is It on Blu-ray, Sony has decided to bundle the MJ documentary with a PS3, available only in Japan.

For just over $350 USD you get your 120GB PS3 (the fatty, not the skinny one), a DualShock3, a USB cable, your A/V cable, a 120GB hard drive, AND a copy of the super-smash-mega-awesome-hit-documentary-dance-off This Is It featuring none other than Michael Jackson himself. It’s a good day to be a b-boy.

Once again, only available in Japan starting January 27th. You also get a nifty and exclusive PS3 wallpaper.

Source: Kotaku


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