Japan gets a ‘This Is It’ PS3 bundle

This Is It PS3 bundle.If you live in Japan and have a freaky Michael Jackson fetish, Sony’s got the deal for you. For some reason, and that reason is probably that Sony is the one releasing This Is It on Blu-ray, Sony has decided to bundle the MJ documentary with a PS3, available only in Japan.

For just over $350 USD you get your 120GB PS3 (the fatty, not the skinny one), a DualShock3, a USB cable, your A/V cable, a 120GB hard drive, AND a copy of the super-smash-mega-awesome-hit-documentary-dance-off This Is It featuring none other than Michael Jackson himself. It’s a good day to be a b-boy.

Once again, only available in Japan starting January 27th. You also get a nifty and exclusive PS3 wallpaper.

Source: Kotaku


PS3 Gets A 250GB Bundle

PS3 Slim.Shortly after Microsoft announced the 250GB Xbox 360 bundle for Modern Warfare 2, images started to surface showing a PS3 Slim bundle with a similarly sized hard drive and Uncharted 2. Sony has since denied the bundle for US, but made no comment with regard to other regions.

The 250GB console first showed up in the FCC on the same day Sony launched the PS3 Slim. According to Eurogamer, a trusted retailer has confirmed the new SKU in three varieties, each bundled with a different game. It looks like the bundle will run approximately $500 in the UK and will ship with either em>Uncharted 2, Assassin’s Creed II, or Gran Turismo 5. Sony has yet to confirm any of this in writing, but if the new SKU coincides with the game launch dates, each bundle would likely be available for a limited time. The games rumored to be included launch October 23rd, November 20th, and in Q4 2009, respectively.


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