How To Find Some Really Great Free Online Games You Will Love


When it comes to computer games, the first thing most people complain about is the price tag. The truth is that these are games that do cost a lot of money. If you were to buy all the games you would like to play there is a pretty good possibility you would need to pay a small fortune. The alternative comes under the form of online fun games that are available for free. You can pay them just with the use of a browser. The problem is there are millions that can be chosen. What game will be the best for you? Start your research with the following advice.

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The Top 5 Free Online Sniper Games

Online games have been around for years and even though a range of game consoles are available to us, online games are as popular as ever. As technology has developed, so have the free online games.

There are many different Xbox, PlayStation, and DS sniper games, but why spend hundreds on them when there are some equally good games available online? I mean, who wouldn’t want to play an adrenaline pumping sniper game that costs you absolutely nothing?

Over the years, these online shooting games have soared in popularity thanks to game series Sniper and Sniper Elite. We’ve put together a list of the top 5 free online sniper games that you won’t be able to get enough of.

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Playing online game as you are a supreme ruler of the ancient Greek city


Spartan Wars: War of Empires is a strategy game that is played online with other players from around the world. Has background in Sparta, a region in ancient Greece known for its fighters. In this game you are a ruler of the city. You have to build your city, train troops, and fight with the other cities.

In the game, first of all you will be guided to build a City Hall serving as the center of your government. In building a city, you need resources. For natural resources, you need gold as a medium of exchange, wood stones as building materials, and foodstuffs. Each of natural resources requires a separate building to get it. You also need a lot of slaves that can be generated by building cottages. The maximum number of slaves you can have depends on how the developing City Hall is. Note also that in employing slave, you still have to spend some money.

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Bingo Anyone?

I remember having lots of fun playing Bingo. When I was a young girl, we played it in school when it was too wet for our class to go outside for recess. My family had a game that we’d play at home, when my Mother could get all of us kids to sit down long enough. Our local school’s PTA often held bingo games as fundraisers. The local Lions, Elks and other such clubs still have a couple of bingo nights at their lodges. Still, as a game, it seems to have fallen out of fashion everywhere except on the web.

Playing bingo and other games of chance on the web is a trend that seems to be constantly growing in popularity. Many of the game-based websites offer free on-line play, or you can register with them to play for money or other prizes. Online bingo lacks the fun of a game held in a room full of people frantically trying to get those tiles in a nice neat row, so they can yell “bingo” at the top of their lungs. Still, it is easy to access and very convenient. You can play at almost any time of the day and from the privacy of your home on sites like Caesars online.

I may be waxing a bit nostalgic, but I would really like to see bingo become more popular as a pastime that is undertaken in person. Oh, I could go to the local Elk’s game, but they usually offer it on a night that is inconvenient for me. So, I guess what I’d like to see is the game become part of our culture once again, whether or not you play for money. It was fun and competitive, but based entirely upon luck, so that those of us without any particular skill still had a chance of winning.


Online gaming to create $20 billion in additional revenue over the next 3 years

Online gamers.Online games make lots of money. You know this. Everyone knows this. It’s why everyone and their mother has made an MMO in the last three years and attempts to advertise them with lots and lots of boobs. A new study by Strategy Analytics has confirmed that widely held belief. It was actually a study of the industry as a whole that showed growth everywhere, but specifically that online gaming would generate more than $20 billion in new revenue over the next three years.

Strategy Analytics says that online gaming is set to grow in revenue by 18.7% year over year, creating a $24.8 billion sector of the market that accounts for 38% of total gaming revenue. In short: it’s gonna be huge. It’s not just online games blowing up, though. SA also predicts a $64.9 billion industry by 2013, compared with the meager $46.5 billion that was 2009.

I hope the students out there are paying attention. These are the kinds of numbers that just might legitimize video games as a career in the eyes of your parents.

Source: Edge Online


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