Riot announces new skins, leaves out new bundles – uh oh

Well, I’m nervous. Riot posted its usual “new skins” post, but it’s missing a key component: “…and bundles.” The post that showcases skins in the upcoming patches also shows off the skins for the new champion and the bundles available at release.

Thing is, I don’t understand why Riot would do this. By all accounts, Lee Sin is real, unless Riot is pulling a misguided prank. We already have a splash screen. We already have an in-game model, even though it could just barely be seen through the blurry troll spotlight that just posted.

There are some other skins coming out, though, and they actually look pretty good. I’ve been playing a lot of Warwick lately and I like Firefang Warwick better than just about any other Warwick skin out there. Kennen M.D. isn’t bad, though I wish he looked a little different than Doctor Shen. Workshop Shaco looks solid, too.

Tomorrow could be a very good day or a very rough day for Riot. Right now, I’d imagine most players feel like their alcoholic uncle has been making jokes all week about “not drinking” at Christmas this year. If he shows up drunk, everyone’s pissed. If he shows up sober, everyone’s just waiting for him to get drunk so they can play out the anguish they prepared for all week.

Legendary Blitz skin is here

Blitzcrank fans have a reason to celebrate today – Piltover Customs Blitzcrank was added to the store today, as was Samurai Master Yi. As an added bonus, Chosen Yi is now down to 520 RP, permanently. The Crank skin is indeed his legendary, pricing out at 1820 RP.

Personally, I’ll be passing on the Blitz skin. I really like Boom Boom Blitzcrank – been waiting for a sale on that one (I think I missed the last). The hotrod theme just doesn’t do it for me, personally. I might get the Yi skin on a sale day, but I love my Chosen Yi and I always have Assassin Yi as a backup. We’ll see.

Vandal Twitch and High Command Katarina skins available

Vandal Twitch and High Command Katarina skins are now available from the store. Somehow I managed to miss the Twitch skin when digging through the data files for unreleased skins, and honestly, I mistook the Kat skin for Buccaneer Kat or whatever it’s called.

I really like the Twitch skin – it’s much better than Vandal Vlad. Kat, on the other hand, seems to suffer from Xin Zhao’s fate. Her skin selection lacks creativity in a big way, with the possible exception of the Kitty Kat skin (though really, who didn’t see that coming). I saw a thread a couple weeks back suggesting School Teacher Kat. She could throw rulers instead of daggers and still keep her sex appeal. Dig up that thread, Riot, and give the player that came up with it some bonus RP.

Prom Queen Annie and Almost Prom King Amumu now live


For all of the perverts that were waiting on Teen Annie, well, you can now rejoice in your perviness. The Prom Queen Annie skin went live today, along with Almost Prom King Amumu. When is that poor mummy gonna catch a break?


Lumberjack Sion and Winged Hussar Xin Zhao coming mid-cycle

This is coming a little late in the cycle, but here are the skins we can expect this week. Granted, the release of Vandal Vladimir, who I’ve also included here, might delay one of these releases.

Personally, I love that Lumberjack skin. It makes me really want to get back into Sion. I haven’t played him in a long time – before the Cryptic Gaze speed buff most likely – so maybe I’ll revisit him.

I’d like to see a little more creativity from the Xin Zhao skins. At some point Pantheon and Xin are just going to collide and share skins if we keep going for every historical, spear-wielding archetype out there.

Dreadknight Garen and Pharaoh Nidalee to appear as mid-cycle skins


As with every patch, this one includes a couple mid-cycle skins that should release early next week. As you can see above, we’ve got Dreadknight Garen. Nidalee players can also get excited about Pharaoh Nidalee, whose cat form is a Siamese cat, as pictured below.


Personally, I would have liked to see Garen get a helmet of some kind for the whole ‘knight’ part of the skin. As it is, he kinda looks like a futuristic version of himself. The Nidalee skin looks pretty sweet, though.

Where are the mid-cycle skins? [UPDATED]


Since I’ve been away from my home gaming machine for nearly two weeks now, I wasn’t able to pull up the mid-cycle, unreleased skins as I have for the last several patches. They are there, though, I promise you. The real question is, why haven’t we seen them?

From what I’ve been able to find, Ezreal, Gangplank, and Twitch are all slated for some new duds this patch, and Shen and Heimer could be getting new skins next patch. I’m not sure what the delay is, though if I had to venture a guess I’d say it’s that Twitch is getting his legendary skin: Gangster Twitch. I only guess it’s his legendary because he has a tommy gun, which I’m assuming makes a different sound than his little bow. From the splash screen it also looks like he might be bipedal, which would be a really cool change.

The Ezreal skin shows up in game as Explorer Ezreal but what I’ll call Navy Gangplank doesn’t seem to be there. Could he be a prize skin, maybe for the Halloween contest?

UPDATE: The skins are now live. Navy Gangplank remains as yet unannounced.

New skins in the Sona patch

It’s that time again. For this patch we’ve got a new themed skin set debut in the form of Pentakill, the heavy metal band composed of League of Legends champions. So far it looks like Sona and Mordekaiser are the lone members. Could we see Pentakill Gragas beating a drum soon?

Tryndamere and Ashe are also getting a themed skin set as king and queen. I’m not sure what’s going on with Ashe’s dress in that screenshot, but I hope the skin looks cool. I’m actually looking forward to that Tryndamere skin, even though I love the Highland Trynd.

Skins should release tomorrow or Wednesday along with the patch.

Kickass skins in the upcoming patch

Greybeard Veigar.

Riot nailed it again with this latest batch of skins. I’m really excited about a couple of these, though I’m probably going to be waiting for sales (I would buy so many more skins if they were just a bit cheaper). This patch brings Greybeard Veigar, Commando Garen, and Shurima Desert Zilean along with the Cowgirl and Waterloo skins for Miss Fortune.

I’m really excited about the quality of these skins. Whatever happened to the Riot five or six patches ago was a great thing because the skin quality lately has been impressive. Now if we could just bring down the cost.

Hextech Singed, Annie in Wonderland released today

Hextech Singed.

Singed players, rejoice! Your long wait for a great skin is finally over. Today, Riot released Hextech Singed, a steampunk version of your favorite mad chemist that looks like something straight out of the movie ’9′ (as does the Hextech Galio). It’s an incredibly kick-ass skin.

Today we also get access to the legendary Annie in Wonderland skin. Once you see Tibbers in a bunny suit, replete with a cummerbund, I’m sure you’ll fall in love. That thing is just hilarious.

This new batch of skins also included Tundra Hunter Warwick. Let me just warn you, the loading screen is much cooler than the skin in game. In game he looks like a Warwick paint job, but damn if that loading screen isn’t cool.

The Warwick skin is 520 RP while the Singed and Annie skins are 975 and 1820 RP respectively.

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