LoL: Olympic skins edition

The_Mighty_JaxI don’t know about you, but I was shocked to see a patch dropping today. Maybe all the downtime distracted me enough that I didn’t see it coming. It’s here, though, and packed full of Winter Olympic themed content for our enjoyment.

The big news this patch, at least the stuff Riot is touting most, is the eight Olympic-themed skins and the Olympic event that will take place over the next two weeks. As with the Snowdown Showdown event, the patch includes a special version of Summoner’s Rift and themed runes. Here’s the list of skins set to be available:

    -The Mighty Jax
    -Curling Veigar
    -Vancouver Amumu
    -Ice Toboggan Corki
    -Whistler Village Twitch
    -Team Spirit Anivia
    -Festival Kassadin
    -Union Jack Fiddlesticks

There will also be a special “Jack of Hearts” skin for Twisted Fate, available in celebration of Valentine’s Day.

Even though I won’t buy it, that Jax skin is one of the best skins out there. If only the hero was worth the RP. It’s nice to see some lesser heroes get a little skin love, though I’ll have to see how much they cost before passing judgement on whether or not they’re worth it.

Check the wallpapers for the rest of the skins at Pendragon’s forum post.


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