Xerath is the official name for Magus

You may remember leaks about a champion called “Magus” from the most recent issue of PC Gamer. Riot has released his official sneak peek, which includes his official name: Xerath, the Magus Ascendant.

Here’s what little info was made available in PC Gamer:

This caster champ, a being of pure energy, perfectly captures the feeling of uncontrollable power. He charges up energy with each spellcast, temporarily increasing the damage and cost of subsequent spells. Playing him will be a tricky balancing act between knowing when to open the floodgates and pour out your damage, and when you’re better off taking the slow-and-steady route.

It sounds like all of his skills will function with the Kog’Maw/Kassadin ult-style of resource management. As each skill is cast it costs more resources but also deals out more damage. There is a lot of talk of energy in the description, though I’m honestly not sure how well that would work compared with mana system.

Keep an eye out for more information on Xerath this week. Remember, though, Riot said it would be three weeks between Riven and the patch to follow her.


Have you picked up Artic Warfare Caitlyn?

As many of you know (I’ve actually seen a few of you in game with it), a new Caitlyn skin is available for free. It’s free if you have a subscription to PC Gamer (or a cell phone with a camera, or, you know, a pen) and if I remember correctly it’s going to be made available in the in-game store. Apparently the issue of the mag costs $9, but it also includes a look at dominion and a sneak peek at the champion after Riven: Magus.

Have you picked up your Arctic Warfare Caitlyn yet? I’ve been checking my local newsstands for the November issue of PC Gamer but nothing yet. Everyone still has October on the shelves. The official street date isn’t until the 13th, so don’t dismay if you haven’t found one.

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for the Morgana wrapup video. Got some good footage this week.


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