Insta Poker app helps you improve your game

I’m addicted to my iPad, particularly when I’m on the treadmill or in airplanes. I mostly use it to watch TV series like “The Wire” or “Sons of Anarchy,” but I also love the apps and games as well.

There’s an app for practically everything now, so we shouldn’t be surprised to see a new app for poker games. There’s a new instructional poker game for the iPhone, iPod and iPad called “Insta Poker.” As you’re playing the game and make a decision, text comments from a pro pop up to give you immediate feedback, letting you know if you made the right or wrong move, and why. The feedback comes from pros like Antonio Esfandiari and Huck Seed. So now you can kill time on a plane with a game that might actually make you money, unlike complete time-wasters like Angry Birds.

Interestingly, the hands in the game are real hands track real events, like hands that took place in televised tournaments or at other high-stakes poker games. The key to this app is teaching you strategy as you’re playing which is critical if you want to develop into an effective poker player.

The game packs for the app cost 99 cents to $6.99, with the most expensive ones having around 15 hands, so the game isn’t cheap. But when you consider how much money you can win in your poker future, or at least how much less money you can lose, then the cost is really a drop in the bucket, or at least comparable to that turkey sandwich you’re ordering at the casino while justifying several more hours at the poker table.


Tapulous is making $1M a month

Tap Tap Revenge logo.Reuters ran an article on Tapulous the other day, you know, the guys responsible for the iPhone/iPod Touch game Tap Tap Revenge. Obviously the game has seen crazy adoption rates, but I couldn’t believe just how crazy things have become. The game has been installed more than 20 million times, generating sales of nearly a million dollars per month.

The kicker? Tapulous has just 20 employees. That’s it. The report says the company is profitable, which is as unsurprising as things get. Can you split almost twelve million dollars between 20 people? I know I could. As to the future of the company, the CEO has stayed quiet. There has been speculation that someone like EA could acquire them, but for now that’s not really news. EA has been picking up social gaming developers lately like Playfish, which was bought for a cool $275 million.

Source: Reuters


Gamefly releases iPhone app

Gamefly app on the iPhone.Gamefly released an app for the iPhone this week that could quickly become your go-to place for game info. The application is free, and integrates easily with subscribers accounts. You can manage your account as you would expect, and select games for rental on the go, but the app has a lot more than just account management.

The Gamefly app is full of game info, including control lists, walkthroughs for some games, cheats for others, user reviews, and achievement lists. You can get news feeds from ShackNews, which Gamefly picked up earlier this year.

Gamefly co-founder Sean Spector wants the app to be everything for every gamer, not just Gamefly subscribers. He mentioned plans to expand the list of titles in the app and even wants to add more news sources and reviews. I’m guessing he wouldn’t mind if the thing boosted subscription rates along the way.


iPhone Gamers Love New Games, Want Them Less Than $2

iPhone app store spread.The folks at recently took a look at the iPhone gaming situation to come away with some cold, hard data about what people are buying and why. I’ll spare you the full report (really I just don’t want to leech all the credit here) and focus instead on some of the more interesting details.

For standards, PG took a snapshot of the top 100 applications and then broke down the results by price, price by rank, games by publisher, and source (new IP, console port, music, movie, etc.).

Pricing was actually different than you might think. While most of the top 100 came in the $.99 category (36 titles), second place went to the $4.99 bracket with 20 titles. But that’s just number of games for each price bracket. Obviously since they are top 100 these are games that are getting downloaded a lot, but how much do the games get played after downloading?

If you look at price by rank, the top 10 games average just $1.89/download. At 11-20, the price drops to $1.19. Of course there are a load of factors that could contribute to the rankings. Are people really playing these cheap games more or are they just deleting them more often and so being prompted to rate more of these games?

Perhaps the most useful statistic, at least to industry developers, is the rate of new downloads and the desire for new IP. Of the top 100 games, 40 were released in June or July (this likely includes a few updates). Another 22 were April or May releases. As for IP, 52 of the top 100 are fresh content, designed just for the iPhone.

If you’re downloading games, where does your allegiance lie? Are you a bargain shopper, only buying apps that are cheap or on sale? Or do you look for the best IPs from hot developers, regardless of price?


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