Half-Life 3 Kind Of, Sort Of, Maybe Confirmed


Call me ignorant, but I never thought that it was a question that a game called “Half-Life 3” does exist in some form and, though it may be maddeningly slow going to get released, will one day see the light of day once it is good and ready.

It seems though that the “Half-Life 3 Confirmed” mania on the internet has more to do with the acknowledgment that “Half-Life 3” exists, and not the visual reveal of the game itself. If you are one that subscribes to that form of the craze, then you may be interested by the recent finding of a NeoGaf user who found a listing on a trademark website filed on 9/29/2013 for “Half-Life 3” under the classification or computer game software, and filed by Valve corporation.

The full information regarding the public filing can be seen here.

Now this is still pretty far from a release date or true reveal of the game, and this is most likely just some sort of security measure to cover all legalities of the property, but it’s hard to deny the feeling of joy that comes from hearing that in some form, somewhere, Valve is acknowledging the existence of what is rapidly becoming the most anticipated game of all time.

So go ahead and prematurely pump your fist in the air and say “Half-Life 3” confirmed you increasingly impatient fans of the world. You’ve certainly earned it.


Valve’s 400 MB Sized Problem

So Valve has been busy updating some games recently to include support for their “Big Picture” mode that will allow Steam to be used on TV. It’s a welcome update for those with the capabilities and, for most games, is taking nothing more than a 70 MB update to help incorporate.

Except for one game though. For some reason “Half-Life 2: Episode 2” is requiring a 400 MB update. This being the internet, suddenly everyone started having a theory of how this would lead to “Half-Life 2: Episode 3” or even “Half-Life 3”. Nobody has any real idea about how this works, but hey, since 400 is a way bigger number than 70, it can only mean the release of one of the most anticipated games of all time right? The madness surrounding the update is so consuming, that a completely unrelated video from Machinima featuring  a series of binary code, and vaguely “Half-Life” music playing throughout, was thought to be part of the conspiracy, and players are now feverishly scouring “Half-Life 2: Episode 2” to find any changes.

The “Magic Bullet” Of the “Half-Life 3” Conspiracy

Of course, the whole thing is nonsense to the sane mind, but it does bring up a very real problem for Valve, in that the next “Half-Life” (in whatever form it may take) is slowly reaching some pretty unrealistic expectations. Whenever an extra 330 MB of unspecified, probably insignificant data can bring the entire PC gaming community to a furor, the hype meter has definitely spiked, and that’s not necessarily a good thing.

Valve’s exhibited an uncommon level of craftsmanship over the years, but even they are setting themselves up for a scenario where gamers are having years to craft their own game in their minds that even Valve might not be able to match. While this doesn’t mean they should rush the development of a game, it may be time to give gamers something (anything) regarding the next title in the beloved series before the hype machine claims another victim ala “Diablo III”.

Or….Well You Know


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