Good Guy Good Old Games Holds a Special Government Shutdown Sale


Video game download site Good Old Games has long been known for their incredible deals and nearly unrivaled collection of classic PC titles available for download, but only those that regularly follow them will catch on to their often tounge-in-cheeck sales that in some way usually reflect some sort of event going on in the gaming world.

This time, however, they’re reaching beyond the gaming world to join the ever growing discussion regarding the government shutdown by offering a shutdown special, where any furloughed employee can send a picture of their furlough letter to (let it be known this sale is less subtle than those in the past) by October 11th at 12:00 PM and get a series of politically inspired titles like “The Guild,” “Capitalism Plus,” “Capitalism 2,” “Tropico Reloaded,” and “Alpha Centauri,” for free. To help understand the difficulties of balancing finances and providing health care, you also get “Theme Hospital,” and, in a move which GOG assures people is unrelated to the root cause of this shutdown, the whole thing is topped off by the classic FPS “Redneck Rampage.”

Even if you’re not a recently released government employee, you can still get in on the action as all of these games are on sale for the length of the free offer.

While it would probably be best in the future if video game sales are not targeted specifically at the unemployed, serious kudos has to go to the good guys over at GOG for giving those that are more frustrated with the government than the rest of us right now, a chance to show their employer how its done.

Or, in the case of “Redneck Rampage” show some extraterristials why Amurica is spelled with a double barrel.


How Would You Like Some of the Best Games Ever for under $3?

If you weren’t aware, the folks over at Good Old Games have been doing a tremendous service to old school PC gamers, as they routinely offer a huge catalogue of nostalgic PC classics for low prices. While not as robust as Steam’s selection, it’s hard to not browse their titles without drifting deeply into fond memories, and maybe instinctively reaching for your credit card once or twice.

That’s an instinct that just got a lot tougher to ignore, considering that GOG has marked down a huge chunk of their library up to 75% until January 3rd. New deals are promised each day until then, but at the moment almost 500 games are marked down and, while some are modern blockbusters, the real deals are to be found if you’re looking to beef up your classics collection. You can hold your finger to the screen and scroll blindly, and in almost every instance you will randomly stop on an all-time, hall of fame classic that is worthy of the meager investment required. While it’s almost impossible to make a cohesive list of suggestions, for any gamers of a certain age, the number of great games available is almost pornographic, and can almost certainly drive the unprepared veteran gamer to madness trying to sort through them all, while still maintaining any amount of restraint.

I can’t speak highly enough of this sale, and whether you’re a fan of the classics, or a newbie boning up on their gaming history, it’s one of the best deals I’ve seen in some time. Even if you’re tapped from Black Friday sales, considering you can walk in with a $20 bill, and leave with 5 of the best games of all time (in a variety of options), it’s hard to not advise heading over and giving a great site some mush deserved business.


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