The Next Project From the Developers of “The Witcher 2” Looks More than Promising

Maybe it was watching “Blade Runner” over and over in high school, or maybe it was beating “Deus Ex” about 20 times, but somewhere along the way I acquired a taste for cyberpunk worlds. Often cited as being full of “high tech and low lifes,” there is something immensely appealing about a world where technology has made anything possible, and yet, in many instances, all hope is lost.

I couldn’t be more thrilled then to hear that CD Projekt Red (developers of the brilliant “Witcher 2”) have officially announced their much hyped new title will be called “Cyberpunk 2077.” Unless the game is just going for complete misdirection, it looks to be an RPG set in my beloved world of gears and fears.

Outside of that, the only thing we really know about the game is that it has an official website, a facebook page, and looks to be set in the fictional town of Night City (on the west coast, in between LA and San Francisco) which means it will essentially be the video game adaptation of the tabletop classic “Cyberpunk 2020,” which, according to the press release, is going to be a major source of inspiration for this title, right down to gameplay concepts.

Oh, and there may or may not be a half naked, half robot girl with scythe implants if you are to believe the promotional image. I’m going to bet may on that one, however.

Is it too early to get excited for a game we know virtually nothing about? Well, considering that you’ve got an immensely talented developer working off of a deep and well aged source material in a universe that is still relatively fresh in video games, I’m going to say the odds are long that this isn’t going to at least be an intriguing title. Even with games like “GTA V,” “Bioshock Infinite,” “The Last of Us,” “Watch Dogs,” and so many more on the horizon, I’ve still got this one pretty high on my most wanted list.


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