An Entirely New Way to Enjoy “Bioshock Infinite”

Can’t get enough “Bioshock Infinite?” It’s hard to blame you really, as along with being one of the most stylistically complex and intellectually rewarding games of all time, it’s also somewhat short.

Though the game’s developers are promising a bountiful amount of DLC add-ons for the title, if you really need your “Infinite” fix in the meantime, you may want to consider the somewhat intriguing upcoming board game version.

In production by board game creator PlaidHat Games, “Bioshock Infinite: The Siege of Columbia” will share the rough timeline of the video game, as players choose between warring factions and vie for control of the floating city of Columbia, all while rouge elements Booker and Elizabeth carry out their own adventure, and possibly disrupt or aid yours.

Details concerning the game’s rules are still coming, but it’s meant for 2-4 players, contains 52 impressively detailed miniatures, and sounds like a mix of “Risk,” “Monopoly,” and, thanks to the skyhook system of rails, even “Chutes and Ladders” (yeah I haven’t played a board game in a while…). On an aesthetic level, everything from the board and pieces, to the cards and papers are incredibly well designed and capture the creative spirit of the source material perfectly. Also given the amount of pieces shown so far, and the company’s usual style, it’s likely this will be a pretty in-depth and complex board game that should provide the same level of outside the box thinking fans have come to expect from this series.

While a board game version of a video game may seem like a step back technologically, this is actually a smart complement to “Infinite.” The revolution was one of the game’s biggest themes and plot points, and getting to explore it further (along with everything else about the world of “Infinite”) through an active means like a board game is an enticing proposition. Also considering it is so hard to incorporate multiplayer into the “Bioshock” video game world without it coming across as cheap (see “Bioshock 2”), this may be the perfect alternative.

Available at a pre-order discount price of $59.95, there is no firm release date for the set as of yet, but given the level of care that has seemingly been put into it, this looks to be the furthest thing from a cash-in attempt, and may be worth any serious “Bioshock” fan’s attention.


Risk: Halo Wars Gets A Trailer

Risk: Halo Wars.It’s not often that you see a board game release a trailer, but that’s apparently part of USAopoly’s marketing plan for Risk: Halo Wars. It is often, however, that you’ll find me slavering to play a new Risk game. I’m a huge fan of the original, and while the Lord of the Rings version didn’t thrill me, the Star Wars version is fantastic. From the looks of things, the Halo Wars pack should live up to my expectations, if only because I’d be able to play the Flood.

Set to release later this fall, the Halo Wars version of Risk puts you in control of the Covenant, the Flood, or the UNSC, each fighting for their own survival against the others. The game has 3 play modes, from adventure/story-driven to a reworked classic play. I’ll spare you the details as I’m sure nearly everyone’s played Risk at some point.

What I’m most interested to see is the quick gameplay. The great thing about the Star Wars Risk Clone Wars Edition was that it implemented some time constraints. Don’t get me wrong, I love the 3-day Risk marathons, but it can be hard to get into a game that will soak up so much time. Newer versions of Risk have created mechanics that keep the game short, but still enjoyable enough to keep me coming back.

Watch for Risk: Halo Wars this fall at Amazon, JC Penny, and Hollywood Video of all places.


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