Bayonetta comes to the West next week

Bayonetta.Today Sega officially confirmed that we would see the stateside and European release of the Bayonetta demo. In case you’ve been living under a rock, Bayonetta is that crazy hair witch game that pulled a rare perfect score from review site Famitsu. The demo will release on the Playstation Network and Xbox Live next Wednesday.

The game will finally be available for purchase on January 5th in the US and the 8th or 10th depending where you live in Europe. I’m interested to see just how good the game is. Positive reviews are always nice, but I rarely find action games as interesting as other genres. I’m also curious whether the PS3 version has been cleaned up at all. Early reviews claimed the graphics and framerate were noticeably behind the Xbox 360 version.


Sega’s got your Bayonetta costume solution

Bayonetta full costume.If you’re completely out of costume ideas for Saturday, Sega wants to offer a little help. Because really, what’s hotter than a busty witch dual-wielding Derringers? Nothing, that’s what.

Yes, the costume at right comes from Bayonetta, Sega’s witch-themed shooter set for a 2010 release. The heroine is a sexy mashup of witch, japanese school girl, and kung-fu master. Sega wants to make sure a few Bayonettas make the rounds this Halloween so it put together a little guide for making your Bayonetta as authentic and erotic as possible.

Even if you aren’t looking for a game-inspired costume this year, the page is worth a read. The game looks admittedly cool, but when you consider applying some of the…character design choices…to an actual human, it sounds totally batshit. For example, the description of Bayonetta’s guns reads, “Add-ons include a crystal in its center allowing it to magically summon bullets, as well as a rail on the top of the guns so they can be equipped on Bayonetta’s feet by sliding them into the gap in her high heels.” Just a little food for thought while you’re at your local thrift store this weekend.


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