250GB PS3 Slim will cost you $350 this November

PS3 Slim in 250GB pants.It looks like Sony is willing to part with its 250GB PS3 Slim as a stand-alone console (i.e. not part of its many bundles). The company announced the new SKU today, which will run you $350 when it launches next month. The company will still offer the standard PS3 at the 80GB/160GB SKUs, making it pointless to get anything other than a PS3 Slim.

I’m still surprised Microsoft hasn’t announced the same. As the holidays edge closer it seems prudent to get a top-of-the-line system out to market as that splurge gift from mom and dad or the elusive fat, bearded guy.

If you’re big into downloaded content or digital storage for your various media, spend the extra $50. It more than doubles your drive capacity for what feels like pennies in comparison with other console storage media.


250GB PS3 Slim Spotted On Amazon UK

PS3 Slim.I don’t know what’s been happening with console manufacturer’s recently but they just don’t have their shit together. It’s leak after leak, and really none of them have been that exciting. Price drops are cool, yes, and so are bigger hard drives, but the fact that we’ve known about all of them before they’ve been officially confirmed seems sloppy and a little lazy. Can we blame the recession?

Well there’s another leak on the market today. Amazon UK has posted a 250GB PS3 Slim. It’s the first Slim model with that extra-large hard drive to be seen outside the Europe and Japan bundles. Is Sony saving the US bundles for the holiday season? If they are, it seems a safe bet we’ll know about it well in advance of the release, and any official announcement from Sony.


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